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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Her Option ~ Cryoablation Update

Monday morning, I had the Cryoablation done in my doctors office. Sunday night the anesthesiologist had called me to go over my crazy medication allergies and let me know what would be going on. I can’t tell you really how it went because I was completely out. Not out like surgery but more asleep. I remember them putting me under and a little of waking me up, other than that nada. When I woke up I was really thirsty, I mean really really thirsty. While I was waiting for them to let me go home, I didn’t really have much pain at all. By the time we were leaving the cramping had started. It was more like a really bad period cramp or cramps that you get just after child birth. By the time that we made it home, I had to take an Ultram for the pain and then another a hour later. Throughout the day I had to alternate Ultram and Tylenol. The pain was not like surgical pain but, it was very uncomfortable.

Day 2 was much better. I was still cramping, spotting a little bit and used Tylenol and Excedrin. The added benefit was that since my husband had to drive me to and from the doctor on Monday, he just took the entire week off. So, we went out to eat. When it is just the two of us, we try to go to places that our picky youngest won’t eat. We had planned to go to an Indian place but they were closed? So, we wound up eating at Razzoo’s a very yummy Cajun place. It turned out to be a very nice lunch date.

Day 3, I had a checkup with the doctor. After waiting a bit, he was busy delivering babies, the doctor came in. I told him how I was feeling and he did a sonogram. The sono showed that I still had a little bit of fluid but, nothing big. He told me that my next period may be a biggie. I didn’t really like hearing that but, if my next period is last bad one then it is all worth it. I also, have to go back for my next checkup in three months.

Thanksgiving was great, it usually is my mother and father-in-law cooks. It is always good but this year my f-i-l cooked the stuffing/dressing. Anyway, it was really outstanding! I did completely go off of my low or no sugar and low sodium diet… I had been doing really well on it too. Since we got back from my grandmothers funeral, I have been able to keep my blood sugar in check. Even after the wonderful and bad for you food it was down to normal two hours after eating.

After we ate, I picked my HFA (high functioning autistic) son up at the airport. I have written about him several times but, I don’t think that I have ever addressed his kleptomania on my blog? Ferd left a comment on my last post and he too has an autistic child. Anyway, he had ranted about the trials of being a parent of an autistic child here. All autistic children are different and they can have some very strange habits. My sons is never being able to understand “yours” and “mine.” Well…he gets the “mine” part more, you can not touch his stuff. We have tried everything to make him understand but, I think that it is more of a kleptomania thing. Anyway, I commented on Ferd’s blog about it and the only solution that we have come up with is to get a really big gun safe. We have two fire safes but, you can only put so much in them and nothing of any real size.

I will post more about the visit later. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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