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Mandy ~ I am a stay at home mom who has been on a medical roller coaster ride going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with me. All of the doctors agreed that there is something medically wrong with me, they just don't know what... Basically, just about every time that I go to the doctor, I wind up with a new diagnosis. It is very frustrating. I hope that some of these links will maybe help you or lead you in the right direction.

Ferd ~ I have had the honor and pleasure of practicing Internal Medicine for over 25 years. I am now enjoying sharing my thoughts and experience in the blogosphere in a number of ways. I am grateful to Mandy for including me on her excellent blog, Texas Medical Freak!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kicking The Smoking Habit

As I posted earlier in the week (New Year’s Resolution), I found a great new stop smoking blog. Quit Smoking Together with Kelly. I have tried to quit before with out much luck but, I decided to give this a try. Kelly and I exchanged several emails and she asked me to co-author this new blog with her. I posted my first post there last night Mandy’s (aka txmedicalfreak) Introduction so, most of my smoking related post you can find on Quit Smoking Together. There is another co-author there too Ghosty and his introduction on addiction was spot on, it is a must read for smokers and non-smokers alike here is a link to his post Quitting An Addiction.

I am hoping that this new smoking blog will help me finally quit. I have been using something similar to keep track of my weight and blood sugar. The site I use is Everyday Health. It has a lot of handy gadgets; Glucose Tracker, Weight Tracker, Healthy Weight Calculator and a Heart Attack Calculator and several more. Click here for the complete list.

I found with this site that it helped me see my sugar, sodium and protein intake. Before I found this I really had no idea what how much sodium I was really eating on a daily basis and it wasn’t from the salt that I was putting on my food it was in the foods that I was using. I am limited to 2000 mg per day due to kidney problems. I don’t have diabetes but my PCOS has made my blood sugar off, the Medformin has seemed to help with that along with the PCOS.

I think that Quit Smoking Together will help me (and many others) to finally quit smoking and get great support.