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Friday, November 23, 2007

Phone Bill Cramming

Recently, I looked at my phone bill...I found two charges for "voice mail" services from two separate companies (third party charges). I called my phone company and they are reversing the charges but, told me that I still had to contact the companies to cancel the services (the ones that I never ordered or approved in the first place!). Well, I have yet to be able to get anything other than a busy signal...
So, I called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and made a complaint. They told me that they can not really do much about these complaints unless they have multiple complaints about the same companies. One of the companies I finally found only through looking them up with the phone number listed on my phone bill. The first one shows up as Voicevox Voicemail Service, here is their real name and link to the Better Business Bureau page for them ESBI. The other company is Nations 1st Comm., LLC., here is their real name and link to the Better Business Bureau page for them American Premium Warehouse.
I still have more people to call and I will post updates and any new links.
I just found this phone cramming website