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Mandy ~ I am a stay at home mom who has been on a medical roller coaster ride going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with me. All of the doctors agreed that there is something medically wrong with me, they just don't know what... Basically, just about every time that I go to the doctor, I wind up with a new diagnosis. It is very frustrating. I hope that some of these links will maybe help you or lead you in the right direction.

Ferd ~ I have had the honor and pleasure of practicing Internal Medicine for over 25 years. I am now enjoying sharing my thoughts and experience in the blogosphere in a number of ways. I am grateful to Mandy for including me on her excellent blog, Texas Medical Freak!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Writers Block/Brain Fog ~ I've Been Tagged

Susie over at Soul-To-Soul aka my sister Stevie Ray Vaughan junkie recently tagged me. Now I am supposed to list either six boring or quirky things about me. Then pick some other bloggers to continue the circle. I usually don't like being tagged but, since it is Susie, I will play along. Hopefully this will help with my brain fog/writers block?

  1. Like Susie, I thought that school was a social event, who knew that it wasn't =) I did pass most of the classes that I really liked with A's and B's but, the rest...were by the skin of my teeth. I also passed this on to my daughter (genetically) her kindergarten teacher called me the first week of school and told me that "your daughter talks entirely too much!" Needless (and proud) to say, my daughter graduated in the top 25% of her 5A rated class. It took her until her Jr. year of high school to get above a "N" on her conduct grade.
  2. My wonderful husband looks like Johnny Depp’s older blue eyed brother.
  3. I am an Aquarian who attracts Cancer’s but, I prefer June Cancer’s over the July variety.
  4. If my husband and I had been born in the late 40’s to early 50’s and not the 60’s we would have been complete flower power hippies.
  5. I have an eclectic collection of music (Blues, Rock, Reggie. R&B, Metal and yes even some Country) but, at heart I am a metal head.
  6. I am not a big on sports but…I do love a good Hockey game and you can even through in a fight or even a game with a bunch of fouls so that they get thrown into the penalty box. Don’t get me wrong though, I am in no way “a Hockey mom with lipstick.” I just like to go to the games.
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