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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kicking The Smoking Habit

As I posted earlier in the week (New Year’s Resolution), I found a great new stop smoking blog. Quit Smoking Together with Kelly. I have tried to quit before with out much luck but, I decided to give this a try. Kelly and I exchanged several emails and she asked me to co-author this new blog with her. I posted my first post there last night Mandy’s (aka txmedicalfreak) Introduction so, most of my smoking related post you can find on Quit Smoking Together. There is another co-author there too Ghosty and his introduction on addiction was spot on, it is a must read for smokers and non-smokers alike here is a link to his post Quitting An Addiction.

I am hoping that this new smoking blog will help me finally quit. I have been using something similar to keep track of my weight and blood sugar. The site I use is Everyday Health. It has a lot of handy gadgets; Glucose Tracker, Weight Tracker, Healthy Weight Calculator and a Heart Attack Calculator and several more. Click here for the complete list.

I found with this site that it helped me see my sugar, sodium and protein intake. Before I found this I really had no idea what how much sodium I was really eating on a daily basis and it wasn’t from the salt that I was putting on my food it was in the foods that I was using. I am limited to 2000 mg per day due to kidney problems. I don’t have diabetes but my PCOS has made my blood sugar off, the Medformin has seemed to help with that along with the PCOS.

I think that Quit Smoking Together will help me (and many others) to finally quit smoking and get great support.


Kelly said...

Thank you for supporting and contributing to Quit Smoking Together. You have really created some momentum for the blog. We are shaping up to be a great team!

RJ said...

I think what your all doing is great! I quit smoking in February 2006. It's hard to quit. I find it's still a day to day struggle. But the reward is huge! Good luck to everyone who joins in on the joint efforts to quit. I'll stop by over there as soon as I can.

Mandy said...

RJ ~ Thanks for stopping by. Glad that you quit smoking. Stop by and add your tips on quitting.

shirley said...

I just attended my first meeting at a Stop Smoking program last night. Here's to all of us that are putting our health first for this NEW year! A New Year means a NEW YOU!

Mandy said...

Shirley ~ Congratulations! I have not quit yet...I ordered some of the NoSmoke magnets from eBay and I am waiting for them to get here. As soon as they get here I will start and post a comment on them. Thanks for stopping by here and the Smoking blog =)

The Cheap Gourmet said...

My mom quit smoking last year after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She cut a drinking straw to the same length of her cigarette. Next, she tightly rolled up a paper napkin and inserted it into the straw. This gave her the effect of actually smoking because the napkin acts like a cigarette filter. When she "puffs" on the straw, she gets a similar feel as if she were smoking the cigarette.

Nine months later, she is still smoke-free and once in awhile she will reach for her "fake" cigarette. She smoked for nearly 50 years and this was the only thing she used to quit. I wish you much success on your journey and hope this tip helps you.

Mandy said...

Cheap ~ That is a great idea! Do you mind if I post it on the Quit Smoking Together blog? I am sorry about your mom. It is good that she quit though. I know that lung cancer is not good but, I hope the best for her. And you too, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Thanks for stopping by. Huggs =)

Debbie said...

You can do it! I did it and so can you. The money saved and health improvements are SOOOOO worth it!! Once you stop don't pick them up again. I made that mistake twice and this time I've not done it cause it got through my thick skull! Best to you! Keep us updated on the quit!


Mandy said...

Debbie ~ Thanks for the encouragement. I have quit before, just not for any length of time. I am going to try the straws from The Cheap Gourmet and I have ordered the ZeroSmoke magnets.