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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Closer to Curing Parkinson's Disease

In previous posts I talked about stem cells, what they are, where we can get them, and what they might be able to do. One of the many great expectations is that medical science will learn how to change stem cells into dopamine producing brain cells to replace the ones destroyed by Parkinson's Disease, essentially curing it!

As far back as 2002, Harvard researchers showed that injecting embryonic stem cells into Parkinsonian rat brains could grow into dopamine producing brain cells, and improved the rats' Parkinson's symptoms!

In 2005, Japanese researchers showed that dopamine producing brain cells generated from monkey embryonic stem cells and transplanted into the area of monkey brains where these cells had degenerated from a Parkinson's-like process, were able to reverse the Parkinsonism!

Rats, then monkeys.  We're getting closer!  Now we just have to test them on Europeans, and then on humans!  (Joke!)

As I mentioned on my previous posts, stem cells can be gotten from various sources.  They vary in the degree of potential to change into other cell types.  Human embryonic stem cells seem to have the most potential, but their harvesting is ethically very controversial.  Research is legally limited.

In late 2007, the Harvard research team published a paper showing that nerve cell precursor cells, derived from human embryonic stem cells, could generate dopamine, proliferate, and maintain this potential through long term frozen storage and multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

We are getting ever closer to the day when Parkinson's Disease will be cured by stem cell therapy.


Dr. Nicole said...

Wow great blog! You had me at "do you think you should be on that show House..." and then sealed the deal with this stem cell research article

I look forward to reading more...

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well. Been thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Still thinking about you and hoping you are well. Deb

Susie said...

What a great post! I haven't seen ya in awhile and wanted to stop in! How are ya feeling?

I recall a special on a dateline type program about a drug that almost cured the ones plagued with this, and it was in the 2nd phase, they discovered it "may" cause brain tumors, and the patients that were in the studies, were okay with that, because they had their lives back and could function on their own.

Lawyers got involved, but the drug company had all the power and pulled the med's.. heartbreaking to see these folks beg.

Ann said...

Bravo! Fantastic post. So many people are confused when it comes to this issue and we really could use more people like you to spread light on the subject. Thank you~

Also thanks for answering Tuesday's Question it was nice to have you. Your comment will be posted sometime today. It depends on how long my dentist takes to fix my tooth. :))

Have a great day~


FANCY said...

This is a great post... I am going to be educated here ...:)

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medical assistant said...

thats quite fascinating..... i didnt think this could be possible.