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Monday, January 7, 2008

The Battle Over Evil Migraine’s

This past weekend I have been battling a migraine since Saturday. I have been getting migraines off and on for the past 15 years and very rarely do I ever get the ocular ones. But, this weekend I had a killer ocular migraine. I have taken prescription medications for them in the past but, now with all of my other medical problems that isn’t really an option.

I have been racking my brain (what little was working) to figure out what the trigger was this time. I could not thing of anything. Until I found this on the internet; “Changes in weather or altitude.” Well, being Texas…the weather is crazy it was cold enough to wear a coat on Friday, 80 on Saturday and mid 70’s yesterday. I guess that must be what triggered it? Even my nurse, Odie (pictured) is hot. He has been taking care of me all weekend and has not left my side. He has always been a good dog but, started being my nurse when I first started feeling bad years ago.

Here is a list of what Odie and I tried to get rid of my migraine, these are the ones that usually work. Excedrin Migraine, Excedrin Back and Body, resting in a quiet room, cold compress on neck and forehead, scalp massage, pressure on temples. All of these with no luck as it is now Monday and I am still dealing with it.

We would like to ask if you have migraines or other terrible headaches, what works for you? Please post them here.


Kidazy said...

I get TERRIBLE migraines and they always come with visual disturbances, usually in the form of what looks like a sunspot. Fortunately for me the "sunspot" comes about 30 minutes to an hour before the migraine so while it stinks being blind until the headache goes in to full force it gives me warning enough to take something. That something for me is two advil migraine pills. I avoid all caffeine in my diet anyway but I make a large effort to avoid diet soda as well due to the artificial sweetners which cause migraines too. Usually if I get the meds before the migraine is in full force it limits it to about a 30 minute severe headache and the blindness that precedes it. Hope that helps!

Mandy said...

Kidazy ~
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this.
I find it true too that if you can catch the migraine before it is in full force, you can sometimes head it of completely or it will not be quite as bad. I also try to avoid caffeine, not always very successfully at times. I used to use the Advil Migraine but, I have Chronic Kidney Decease and the doctor made me quit using it and that little blue one (for pain).

Breezie said...

I too suffer from Ocular Migraines, I am fortunate I guess that I don't get the headaches, but I do get the nausea.

I think what has helped me the most with them is regular visits to the Chiropractor on a weekly basis, my last episode right now was in September.

Mandy said...

Breezie ~ Welcome =) Oh, the nausea is the worst. Not eating can trigger migraines...never ending battle.

I used a Chiropractor years ago after a auto wreck. Guess I need to go back, I bet that I am ALL out of whack.

Thanks for stopping by =)

Chica said...

When I get a migraine, it's there until it decides to leave, I can't do anything about it, and it peeves me off. Hopefully you find something that works for you. :)

Mandy said...

Chica ~ Hi! Yes, sometimes they do just go away when they want to. I am still on the tail-end of one that started this post.

webduck said...

My migraines began when I was still having periods...really, when I started taking BCP's and my hormones would fluctuate. Usually stress is what triggered mine though. I had a hysterectomy two years ago though and just recently I had a migraine which began with jagged lights visually and eventually subsided but then I had a pain in my left temple, where I always used to have the migraines before. I am using Estriol though, so that could have been a trigger.

ringleader said...

When my migraines kick in I usually end up in the ER as nothing else stops them until I go in and get a shot. I wish there was a way that I could end them without having to go down there and suffer an hour or two before they can see you.

Cigar Jack said...

I get a nasty migraine once in a great while, typically I'm over them in a day. While I have them though I wish I was dead, light, sound or touch everything makes it worse.

Health nut said...

This has always worked for every migraine sufferer I know- acupuncture. Seriously. If you have access to a good acupuncturist, you should try it.

Drugs won't get rid of the pain- the relief from acupuncture is almost immediate. BTW, If you took alcohol it could affect you too.

My roommate in college used to have the worst migraines and I didn't know about acupuncture then but what really helped, esp if its an ocular migraine (emanating from the base of the back of the neck), then have someone give you (unfortunately your pictured nurse can't) a massage around your eye region. Gentle pressure around the eyes, stopping for 1 to 2 seconds (stronger pressure) on the temples. Should be done until there is relief.

On acupuncture, if you're interested, I have some info up on my site. There are also some herbs that help.

Mandy said...

Cigar Jack ~ Migraines can make you want to say "just shoot me!" I always have a headache of some kind or another but, I really hate getting migraines.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

Mandy said...

Ringleader ~ Sorry that you have to go to the ER. Little known fact, the ER can trigger migraines. Just kidding, I just really don't like having to go to the ER.

Debbie said...

foot rubs...especially the toes and under the toes with some pressure and sometime around the ankle if you believe it is brought on by hormones. Works best in a dark room and someone else rubbing but it also can work while laying on your back with one foot on opposite knee for support.

Marjie said...

Migraine is definitely the worst kind of headache a person can experience. I get the regular ones with aura and nausea (of course) and I basically don't function with it. The worst part, I can't take prescription drugs such as imetrex because of my previous heart condition, so right not, still, I'm searching for a cure.

good luck to us :-/

Mandy said...

Marjie ~ The only "cures" that work for me are the ones that I listed above. With all of my medical problems, I am unable to take Imetrex either. If I find any more useful ones, I will do a follow-up post.
Thanks for stopping by =)

Mandy said...

Debbie ~ Thanks for the great tip(s)! I finally got rid of the migraine that started this post but, next time I will try this. Thanks for commenting =)