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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Autism Speaks And Five for Fighting Raising Awareness

Yesterday while doing my daily blog reads, I came across a great post on “All the world’s a stage” about a Five for Fighting donating to Autism Speaks. As many of you know, I have an autistic child. Fortunately he is a verbal autistic. As with all autistic people he has his favorite hang-ups’: anything with wheels (cars, trains, airplanes, etc.), Lego’s, commercials, infomercials and music. One of his favorite commercials is the Rock Autism commercial on VH1. He is amazed that the musicians that he likes to listen to know about autism and have a commercial to help find a cure. He is also a huge music fan and he has several CD’s from Five for Fighting. I think that he has more CD’s now than I do.

Please take the time to go to What Kind Of World Do You Want and click on the video. EACH TIME the video is viewed; Five for Fighting will donate $0.40 to Autism Speaks. As much as I despise chains (chain letters) I despise AUTISM even more. So, please pass this along. Help find a cure.


bloggingpreneur said...

I donate to Autism already. I have a little brother that is autistic.

Mandy said...

Bloggingpreneur ~ That is good, they really need to find a cure or better things to help. Sorry to hear that your brother is autistic. Having an autistic sibling makes it hard.

Wilson Pon said...

Nice community here, I'm also have a relative that suffer of autistic as well...

Mandy said...

Wilson ~ Thank you =) glad that you like it. Autism is so much on the rise now, more and more people are affected by autism.

FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

My wife has an autistic son who is now 20 years old. It is a challenge every day, as you well know. There are new things for parents to learn all the time. For us it is currently transitioning to some sort of work and living arrangement. We want to provide some sense of community for him, as well as some sort of work that might bring meaning to his life. I don't really know if he cares about those things, though. He might like being alone more than being with people. He finds great meaning in his simple special interests that he repeats over and over and over. We do the best we can.
Thanks for the link to the video. I'll be sure to check it out.

Mandy said...

Ferd ~ I think that no matter the degree of autism, the challenge is always there. Parenting an autistic child is hard. Things that work with every other child may or may not work with them. There is a good private autistic school here that has group homes too, I will check and see if they have any your way and send you the information. Or any other good ones that I come across.

Grace said...

I always like your page for information on...well just about anything...glad that I could pass this along to you!

As you already know, my son has Asperger's Syndrome and even that is mild, but he's been doing very well with Relationship Development Intervention and we are able to upload our videos for our therapist (and share them with other parents if they are a good example of the assignment) through their membership only website

Anyway they are based out of Houston originally so there should be a ton of information available in your state if you had already heard of this and would like to look into it.

OH...thank you for the link to my blog! That's why I came to comment to begin with. :-)

Mandy said...

Grace ~ Thanks, I am glad that you like my blog =)

No matter how mild the autism, these kids still have such a hard time. Sometimes I think that it is worse when they are verbal. I know for me, a lot of times people look at my son and think that he is "normal" even though he is acting like an autistic.

Thanks for the link, I added it under my autism links. Your welcome for the link.

kellie said... will pay $1.00 per view of the designated charity’s videos - until the number of viewings equals the amount donated less .04 per view.

Mandy said...

Kellie ~ Thanks, I will get the link added to my autism links.