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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Auricular Biomagnets ~ To Quit Smoking

As you may know, I am in the process of trying to quit smoking. I ordered some of the Auricular Biomagnets from eBay, called Zero-Smoke. I have been using them since this Tuesday. Tuesday went pretty well. I did get a headache and I was really sick to my stomach. I am not sure what the upset stomach was from? Anyway, I did pretty well not smoking that day. But, then I wound up going to the store and asking for the cheapest, ultra light 100’s that they carried. The nasty cheap cigarettes have helped too because, I am used to the premium brands.

Yesterday (day 2) was really hard. I wound up spending the entire day shopping for cocktail attire for an awards banquet that we are going to this weekend. I have been to busy watching my favorite shows and not “What Not To Wear” to know that the “New Black” must not be black after all. First of all, I hate to shop especially when I have to go to the mall. It is really hard to find appropriate clothing when you are 40something and not a size 4. I wound up exhausted and frustrated. Two really great smoking triggers…I am trying not to be too hard on myself. I have cut down from a pack per day to 5 or 10. Yesterday though was another story 15! Then, I wake up this morning and all of that shopping flared up my Fibromyalgia. I am all stiff and my joints really hurt. I am feeling like I am 90 years old. Then, my husband tried on the new dress shirt that I bought him yesterday and oops…wrong size. So, off to the mall again. No telling what I am going to fell like tomorrow.

Despite all of this, me making this much progress is a major accomplishment! Like I have posted before, I have tried just about everything. So, I am still hopeful that these Biomagnets will finally do the trick and end this addition with nicotine.

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ringleader said...

I hope the magnets work out for you. I know about the triggers that make you reach for a smoke. I finally made it to a point that I am not carrying open packs just in case I can't make it. I have made it 9 days so far cold turkey. Everyday becomes easier than the day before. When you feel the urge to smoke try to think of any reason whatsoever that you can make yourself hold off lighting up. Tell yourself that you are going to wait until a certain event takes place and then lie to yourself again. It worked for me or has so far. Though this is not my first time to quit and I have relapsed before. I hope your fibro eases off. Mine has been killing me these past few days and it does tend to make you want to do something to take your mind off of it and a smoke seems like a good choice but it isn't really.
Best wishes on your quitting.

Mandy said...

Hi, Ring! Way to go on going 9 days! Today the smoking has been a bit better than yesterday. My fibro though is another story. It is worse when it is cold and it has been colder than normal here. Keep up the good work on your not smoking =)

sue said...

Wow, I never heard of those! I look forward to hearing of your "success" it is such a horrendous habit, one I have not yet been able to break.. I went 3 months, and my husband at age 50 started to smoke..never did in his life.. can we say.. eediot!
I will be in Texas in March! I am so stoked to come down there, looking forward to seeing the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue he is one of my passions! and just hanging out at some good old juke joints!
Thanks for stopping in..

Kaila's Mommy said...

You have great taste!!

Mandy said...

Sue ~ Mine are called Smoke-Zero but the ones advertised on TV are called Zero-Smoke. I was doing a lot better with not smoking a few days ago. But, since my shopping fiasco, I have not been doing all that great. They do really help though. I have tried just about everything to quit. You can find some of my other smoking posts on the Quit Smoking Together blog
We have a SRV picture around here somewhere that we took on one of our trips to Austin. The park that it is in, is really nice. We like to take weekend trips down there, hang out, eat, etc. If you have never been to Ruby's BBQ, it is a must stop. If you go make sure it is Ruby's and not Rudy's, they are not the same. Have fun while you are there =)

Mandy said...

Kaila's Mommy ~ Thank you =)

Cecilia Sherrard said...

There were two major factors that allowed me to quit.

(I've been smoking a little over a pack a day for 16 years)

A good friend of mine expressed genuine concern in a way that I'd never thought of. It hit me. That topped with society and the industry I'm in, topped it off. I'm in real estate and smoking or being seen smoking is the equivalent to having something green hanging out of your nose while talking.

My good friend gave me nicorette lozenges (cherry flavor) and I popped one and kept it in my cheek during cravings. They burn a little but you get used to it. They work!

I was able to go cold turkey and almost instantly it wasn't so bad at all. I never in my life thought I'd go an hour without a cigarette.

(I also kept tons and tons of cough drops and sugar-free candy with me at all times)

You need to view it as nasty and not allowed. A drug and a social frown. Good luck. =)

wilson said...

Hello, my friend...a regular visit and have a great weekend...

Mandy said...

Cecillia ~ Thanks =) People do more and more tend to look at you like you have something green hanging out of your nose. It is a nasty habit and I think that I will make it this time. I may get some of the lozenges as a back up.

Mandy said...

Wilison ~ Hi and welcome back =) We did have a pretty good time, maybe I will do a post about it?

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Well, good luck with the magnet theraphy, it could work. It goes back to ancient times, like using sonics(you know sounds) and it may actually work. Those early physicians may have been on to something. Give them or it a good trial. Hope it helps.

Mandy said...

Glendell ~ Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. I really hope that these do work. I thing that they should, they work on the acupressure and acupuncture concepts. I used acupuncture after an auto wreck and had great success with it. ~ Mandy

Logen said...

Good luck in quitting :)

Mandy said...

Logan ~ Thanks =)